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Choosing the Right Eye and Face Protection

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Choosing the Right Eye and Face Protection


EN 166 Markings

NOTE: It is possible to have surface treatments which are not marked on the lens. These are non-certified treatments, which give the same protection to the lens for an extended period of use:

Anti Scratch Symbol = K Icon AS = Anti-scratch treatment (corresponds to K)

Anti Fog Symbol = N icon AF = Anti-fog treatment (corresponds to N)


Lens / Shade Applications

lens shade applications

If the lens is also tested according to EN 170 (UV FILTERS) or EN 172 (SUN FILTERS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE) it is also marked with a code-scale nr. Example: clear lens (EN 170) are normally marked with 2C-1.2; Smoke lens (EN 172) are mostly marked with code-scale nr 5-3.1. These nr indicate the % of visible light which can pass through the lens, so how clear/smoke is the lens.

risks to the eyes