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Eye and Face Protection Standards

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Eye and Face Protection Standards


euro icon EN 166:2001 Personal Eye Protection

European Standard, applying to all types of individual protection of the eye which protects from hazards likely to damage the eye, except for nuclear radiation, x-rays, laser emissions and infrared emitted by low-temperature sources. Does not apply to eye protection for which separate standards exist (e.g. anti-laser eye protection, sunglasses for general use).


EN 170:2002 UV Rays Protection

European Standards for Ultraviolet Filters

Specifications of level numbers and of requirements relating to the transmittance of the filters for protection against ultraviolet radiation.


EN 172:1995 Specification For Sunglare Filters Used In Personal Eye-Protection For Industrial Use

Specification of level numbers and requirements relating to the transmittance of filters for protection against solar radiation, industrial use.


EN 175: 1997 Welding Eyes and Face Protectors European Standard for equipment for eye and face protection during welding and allied processes

Specifications for the safety requirements for eye and face protection equipment used to protect the operator’s eyes and face against harmful optical radiation and other specic risks or hazards in usual welding, cutting or similar operations.


EN 169: 2002 Personal Eye Protection – Filters for Welding

European Standard for Filters for Welding and Related Techniques — Transmittance requirements and recommended use.

Specifications of level numbers and requirements relating to the transmittance of filters to protect operators for welding and related techniques. Specification of requirements for welding filters with double dial number of levels.


EN 1731 2006 Personal Eye Protection. Mesh Eye and Face Protector.

Material specifications, design, performance and test methods for eye and face mesh protectors, for professional use.


EN 379: 2009 Automatic Welding Filters

Harmonised European standard for automatic welding filters which switch their luminous transmittance to a lower predetermined value when an arc is ignited.