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Hearing Protection Standards

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Hearing and Ear Protection Standards


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EN 352-1: 2002

Hearing Protectors – Ear Muffs


EN 352-2: 2002

Hearing Protectors – Ear Plugs


EN 352-3: 2002

Hearing Protectors – Helmet Mounted Ear Muffs


EN 352-4: 2002

Hearing Protectors – Level Dependent Ear Muffs


EN 352-8: 2002

Ear Muffs with Entertainment Radio

All these standards establish requirements with regards to the manufacture, design, performances and test methods.



SNR (simplified noise reduction):

Single average value of attenuation.

HML: Attenuation values expressed in terms of average levels of frequencies:

H: Attenuation of PPE at high frequencies (pitched noises).

M: Attenuation of PPE at medium frequencies.

L: Attenuation of PPE at low frequencies (bass sounds).