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Introduction To Fall Protection

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Introduction To Fall Protection

There are 3 general terms used to categorise the use of fall protection equipment.


Work restraint

Work Restraint

A risk assessment is carried out to determine the circumstances under which the risk of falling can be eliminated by limiting the user’s movement to a safe distance from the fall hazard. This is an excellent preventative measure to insure a safe working environment at height.

Areas of use –

• Roof top work

• Powered access equipment

• Fall protection on vehicles

• Facilities management

• And many more



work positioning

Work Positioning

This refers to the application of fall protection equipment in scenarios where users need to be suspended in work positions for jobs that need to be carried out at height. Adequate training is required for the user in order to use fall protection equipment in this manner. It is common for this type of fall protection to be accompanied by a fall arrest system.

Areas of use –

• Telecom

• Utilities

• Industrial rope access

• Confined space

• And many more



Fall Arrest

Fall Arrest

Fall arrest systems aim to avoid all circumstances where the risk of falling is a hazard by arresting the fall in a safe and controlled manner. This enables the user to perform their work at height without fear of serious injury. Careful consideration is given when setting up these systems to ensure adequate clearance for the user from the ground and to avoid any contact with obstacles in the event of a fall. Moreover, a rescue plan in the event of a fall arrest occurring, is included as part of the planning process since prolonged suspension at height can be dangerous.

Areas of use –

• Scaolding

• Wind energy

• Tower crane erection and maintenance

• High bay pallet racking

• And many more