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Spill Control Standards and Chemical Compatibility Chart

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Chemical Compatibility Chart


Spill Control Chemical Compatibility Chart

BS 7959 – BS Standards – Material used for the control of liquid spillages

BS 7959 is the British Standard, which contains 3 parts for spill control products: Absorbency, Oil Only Sorbents and Colour Coding for spill.

BS 7959-1:2004 – Determination Of Sorbency

This tests the absorbency rate for a variety of different sorbents that is: pads, socks, pillows etc using diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, motor oil, xylene, deionized water. The absorbency is measured in litres of liquid absorbed per Kg. After 30 seconds if the sorbent has retained the liquid it passes the standard.

BS 7959-2:2002 – Determination Of Water Repellency Or Buoyancy For Hydrophobic (Oil Sorbent) Materials

This test is performed in the same manner as part 1, however it is only measured the absorbency for oil only sorbents.

BS 7959-3:2007 – Colour Coding Sorbent Materials

This part of the standard specifies a system of colour coding for sorbent materials and their packaging.