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Welding Protection

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Welding Protection

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BizWeld plus welding helmet
BizWeld plus welding helmet controls

EN 166 1 S,

EN 175 F

EN 379 4 / 9-13; 1/1/1/2

Auto-darkening welding helmet, which switches from a light to dark state when welding activity starts. Light state is DIN 4; Dark state is adjustable from DIN 9 to DIN 13 using the external knob. Response time from light to dark state is 0.04 milliseconds; return from dark to clear state in 0.03-0.04 sec. Power is supplied by solar cells with 2 built-in lithium batteries to offer power back-up for longer service life. No need for replacement batteries.


  • 4 Point adjustable harness design for optimum fit.
  • Solar cells power and lithium batteries back up, increase the working time to over 5,000 hours.
  • Equipped with a superior optical quality LCD Filter Suitable for:ARC, MIG, MAG(CO2), TIG Welding, Plasma cutting, Grinding
welding safety eye screen

EN 166 1 F,

EN 169 SHADE 5

Multipurpose Shade 5 lens with lateral protection and adjustable arms for customised comfort.


welding goggle

EN 166 1 F,

EN 175 F

EN 169 SHADE 5

Welding goggle with wide lens. Effective protection for all welding operations requiring a shade 5 level of protection. Soft frame for comfortable wearing.

gas welding goggle

EN 166 1 F,

EN 175 F

When using oxyacetylene for gas cutting or welding, the Gas Welding Goggle offers high performance with a shade factor 5. A soft comfortable frame with flip up lens allows the goggle to be used for grinding operations.

PPE Welding Protection Equipment protects the eyes from injury that can occur due to the intense light and radiation that a welding arc can produce. Hot slag and other metal debris that flies off during welding can also cause eye injury and therefore it is important to wear the appropriate welder’s helmet or welder’s goggles for the type of welding being done.

Safety and comfort is essential whilst welding. The products that we supply all conform to the required standards EN 166, EN 169 and EN 175.

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Below we have listed 4 of our more popular welding protection products. If you require a specific product that we have not listed then please speak to us as we can source products from a number of different manufactures.

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