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PPE Eye and Face Protection

BOS are a specialist PPE equipment, Eye and Face Protection trade supplier and are able to source professional work clothing from some of the world’s top manufacturers.

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Choosing the Right Eye and Face Protection

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PPE Eye and Face Protection includes spectacles, safety goggles and visors, designed to protect the eyes and face of the workers from injuries which may occur during working activities.

The European Standards for eye and face protection are EN 170: 2002,  EN 172: 1995,  EN 177: 1997,  EN 169: 2002,  EN 1731: 2006,  EN 379: 2009. Details of these standards can be found on our Eye and Face Protection Standards page.

We source eye and face protection from a number of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Portwest. Therefore, we are confident that we can supply your business or organisation with high quality spectacles, safety goggles and visors at the lowest possible prices.

If you need help or advice on anything to do with eye and face protection please call our knowledgable customer support staff on 01226 215204.

Eye and Face Protection in the Workplace

All of the PPE eye and face protection equipment that we supply for use in the workplace will be marked with the ‘CE’ symbol. This shows that the product meets the minimum legal standards.

For eye and face protection equipment the minimum standard is usually EN 166:2002. This standard comprises of different levels of impact resistance.

Things to consider

It is important to consider certain things when choosing the right type of eye and face protection equipment. The equipment should fit properly and be comfortable to wear. It should not restrict your vision or movement, and needs to be easily cleanable.

The equipment should also not restrict the use and function of any other PPE equipment. The types of hazards to protect against are: Dust, Chemical Splashes, Fluid Splashes, Welding, Biological Material, Radiation, Machining and Physical Hazards.